Royal Capitol Helicopter Lift Starts Off PV Installation

Work has begun to install elevated PV modules on top of the 40 story building of The Royal Capitol Plaza. Click below to see photos: Photo Gallery

939 McCully mural is now complete!

The 939 McCully mural is now complete! Click below to see the making of the mural: Photo Gallery

Legislation and Hawaii’s Energy – Paul Orem and Paul Craig

Paul discusses the political landscape of solar energy

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About Us

PhotonWorks Engineering is a Hawaii-based development, construction and renewable energy company.

At PhotonWorks we:

Connect people with cheaper and cleaner sources of power.
Provide a one-stop full engineering to construction solution.
Design beautifully integrated systems that create energy autonomy.

Why Us?

  • Locally owned company.
  • All services are performed in-house.
  • In business for over 14 years.
  • Not only a solar company.
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Existing System Maintenance

In order to get the most out of your photovoltaic system it is recommended to perform routine maintenance. We provide a competitive maintenance service for any existing photovoltaic system.



Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are an excellent resource for massively reducing your energy bill. PhotonWorks encourages everyone to switch over to LED systems.


Battery Power

A more recent innovation in the energy field is the use of battery systems to store and regulate power. Photonworks has successfully installed battery systems on residential and commercial properties.


Electrical Construction

PhotonWorks employs a wide variety of professionals in order to meet the many demands of engineering solar solutions. However, our expertise is not limited to photons. We provide a wide variety of electrical services in order to better serve our community.


Low Impact Development

How else would we build?

It would be nothing short of hypocrisy for a solar company to employ environmentally damaging practices when planning their projects. Our new housing projects combine our experience with photovoltaics, and our ambition for affordable housing.


Solar Photovoltaic

Photovoltaic technologies have distinguished themselves as the preeminent solution to the World’s increasing energy demands. PhotonWorks Engineering has over 14 years of experience working with solar photovoltaic systems. We are honored to pass that experience onto our community.


What Our Clients Say

“The other companies obviously had higher prices to spend on advertising and sales. If you like fancy sales brochures, then go with another company. If you like superior work, straightforward staff, and lower prices then go with PhotonWorks.”


Robert S.

“Photonworks put 400 panels on my warehouse. The job was so clean and efficient, I had them do my house, then my dad’s house, then all my family’s properties. I have referred them to many friends. I highly recommend them. They don’t outsource any work….all done in house.”

Allen Woo

“Great job, top notch service with amazing products and value.  They not only did my home but did several of my friends homes and businesses. Has the experience and know-how to get you through the solar jungle.”


Alex C.

“We were beyond impressed and happy with the service, installation, quality and price. They did a flawless installation. Panels are very close together no extra spacing or wiring showing.”


Kai S.

Contact Information

1234 South King Street


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