Solar PV

Pensacola Gardens
























1524 Pensacola Street,

Honolulu, HI 96822

Project Type:   Solar PV

Facility Description:  Residential Condominium Complex

Project Size: 48.6 kW DC

Annual Energy Production: 73,522 kWh

System Description: 2 Photovoltaic systems consisting of 180 Suniva Modules (270 Watt ea); 6 SMA inverters (3 x SB9000-TLUS 3 x SB6000-TLUS).

Photonworks Engineering LLP was hired by Pensacola Gardens AOAO to design and install a photovoltaic system to offset 100% of common area electric bills.  Photonworks Engineering partnered with California-based Sandview Development Corporation to finance two photovoltaic systems at Pensacola Gardens Condominium Complex located in Honolulu. The installation included two buildings.  The Ewa Building (29.16 kW DC) and the Waikiki Building (19.44 kW DC).