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This project meets LEED Platinum requirements and is currently undergoing certification through Pacific Sustainability Building Science.  Here are some of the “green” features of the project:

–   First multi-family LEED Platinum certified project in the state

–   First net-zero energy multi-family project in the state

–  13,500 watts of photovoltaic modules integrated into a roof-top shade structure system provide 100% of the electrical demand of the project.  Photovoltaic modules utilize clear Tedlar which allows light (~15%) to pass through the solar modules allowing shade tolerant plants to thrive on the rooftop below. Three bedroom units will utilize 3.75kWp systems.  Two bedroom units will utilize 3 kWp systems

–  Rooftop planter boxes placed over a TPO (thermo polymer) roofing membrane provide a minimum harvesting area of 100 sq ft per unit which provides harvesting grounds to yield enough vegetables and herbs to feed 4 people, year round, per unit.  Roof is engineered to handle the additional weight of the planter boxes which utilize a 4-8” medium of lightweight soil

–  In addition to the rooftop planter areas primarily used as harvesting edibles, electronically irrigated copper-lined integrated planter boxes (which act as eave projections to the building) provide over 200 sq ft (per unit) of planting area or aesthetically pleasing rock garden landscapes.  Planters are illuminated from above and below and can be utilized as rock gardens or planting of edibles.  All runoff from planter boxes is recaptured in the water catchment system for later use

–   Four separate underground 1,250 gallon tanks provide storage for the rooftop rainwater catchment system. Catchment system provides filtered rainwater for rooftop planter boxes, landscape irrigation, car washing and other POU (point of use) fresh water needs

–  Entry-way water features utilize high-efficiency pumps and are replenished with rainwater collected by the rooftop rainwater catchment system

–   Four Schuco closed-loop glycol-based heat exchanger (first of its kind for residential application in Hawaii) solar thermal H2O systems with 80 gallon capacities (one for each unit) will provide 90%-100% of water heating needs for each unit

–  Low VOC paints for walls and stains for wood finishes

–  Electronic controlled water drip irrigation and xeriscape landscaping

–   Low-power consumption flash-based security system utilizing IP cameras  w/night vision at front door entrances and garage door entries; recorded video viewable in individual units and records for >30 days on ultra-low power solid state flash drives

–   Smart home lighting –  Recessed lighting utilizing dimmable CFLs or LEDS @ 100-110 lumens/watt efficacy w/intuitive response, dimming and auto-control.  Some accent lighting will be color-selectable

–   Individual energy-use metering system for each unit (measures kWh consumption per hour/day/week/month/year)

–   Panasonic ERVs (energy recover ventilators) installed in every room.  ERVs remove moisture from interior spaces and constantly introduce fresh air (filtered) while exhausting stagnant warm air to the exterior.  This reduces air conditioning use and allows minimum air exchange requirements without requiring windows and doors to be open. Meets ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation requirements for indoor air quality

–   Ultra-efficient bathroom ventilation systems from Panasonic provides proximity-triggered ventilation and consumes less than 7 watts to provide 60 CFMs of air movement ensuring proper moisture removal.

–  Dual flush Toto Aquia toilets provide substantial water savings and are virtually clog-free

–  Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified cedar woods are used on all exterior treatments.  Interior walnut hardwood flooring is 100% certified reclaimed and can be repaired with peanut oil

–   Naturemill XE series composting units in each kitchen provides tenants the ability to compost all their food waste.  This removes waste from our landfill and provides nitrogen-rich compost that can be utilized on rooftop and other planter boxes to assist in growing healthy plants and vegetables.

–   “Future-proof” high output 50A, 240V electrical outlets are installed in all garages to accommodate rapid-charging infrastructure for future “plug-in hybrid” and pure-electric cars and scooters

–   Logitech SqueezeBox whole house networked music system with remote control access, recessed ceiling speakers in all rooms and bathrooms and powered by energy efficient amplifiers are accessible throughout the home.  Provides networked music via Ethernet and online music streaming without the need to run and power a computer

–  Laminated windows w/ ultra-high performance tint from 3M block out as much as 75% of solar heat (.25 SHGC rating) and provide incredible sound attenuation properties that include OITC and STC ratings in the low 40s and low 50s respectively (80-95% greater noise reduction over standard windows).  PVB from Dupont with the highest thickness available – .090” – is sandwiched between two plates of glass, each plate measuring ¼” thick providing an overall glass thickness of 9/16”, making the glass “small-missile impact” and hurricane rated, which qualifies the home for insurance discounts. The result is very energy efficient and nearly soundproof windows which are critical because of the project’s close proximity to the freeway.

–   Super efficient variable speed dual and tri-zone split Daikin A/Cs per unit – one air handler in each bedroom, one in living/kitchen. All units maintain industry-leading SEER ratings of 18-20. Units feature proximity sensors which can detect human presence in rooms and will increase/decrease fan and compressor speed as needed

–  Exterior and some interior walls include proper fill of insulation and high-performance 5/8” Quiet Rock for superior sound attenuation from unwanted exterior and interior (neighbor) noise

–   Super efficient Energy Star rated stainless steel finish appliances including top of the line Bosch counter-depth refrigerator, Bosch slide-in glass-top electric range, Bosch dishwasher and microwave and high efficiency front-loading  Bosch Axxis washer/dryers

– Artificial grass is utilized in grass block and concrete driveway inlays