Century West AOAO

3161 Ala Ilima

Honolulu, Hawaii 96818

Project Details:

Project Type – Photovoltaic / Battery Storage

Facility Description – Condo Association

Project Size – 432.25 kw


Annual kwH Savings

Photonworks Engineering LLP was contracted by Century West AOAO / Holu Energy to design and install photovoltaic / storage on existing 4 story parking garage.  The system will also have off grid capabilities to power critical building loads during a utility outage as well as store excess power from the PV system and deliver more kWh to the Association during the evening hours under a 20 year energy services contract. 


Photovoltaic system comprised of 1330 Suniva 325 watt Modules, 5 SMA Inverters (5 x STP20000), 1 x Ensync 125kw Inverter and a custom designed structural steel parking canopy structure with new energy efficient LED lighting. 550kWh of battery storage combination Lithium-Ion and ZincBromine flow battery technology. 

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