Low-Impact development

How else would we build?

It would be nothing short of hypocrisy for a solar company to employ environmentally damaging practices when planning their projects. Our new housing projects combine our experience with photovoltaics, and our ambition for affordable housing.

Energy Efficient Homes

Photovoltaic systems are an excellent alternative to non-sustainable energy sources such as coal and fossil fuels. But the clean generation of energy only represents half of the cycle. The other half is how we use that energy. PhotonWorks has embraced both sides of the equation. Aside from the hundreds of photovoltaic systems that we have installed, PhotonWorks has also developed several low impact housing units.


As Hawaiians we know how to utilize space. Our revitalization projects take old buildings and convert them into highly efficient dwellings. It is difficult to improve on our island’s beauty but we do our best with aesthetic, smart designs. Our focus throughout design is energy efficiency. This means our walls have a higher level of insulation, our lights are all LED’s, and of course our power source is solar. All of these design choices culminate in a home that reflects the conscience of its inhabitants.

Locals First

Millions of people consider themselves lucky because they get to visit our island for a few days out of the year. We are fortunate enough to call this place home. The services that we provide are meant for locals. In other words we don’t build hotels, we build homes. Our projects address the needs of a dense urban population. By building smaller units and saving on utility costs with energy efficient designs, we are able to provide affordable housing in great locations.

Vertical Integration

Photonworks is working to achieve vertical integration. This will afford us complete control over our housing development projects. As the designers we can create energy autonomous designs. As the builders we can use local labor and resources. As the owners we can ensure that the final product meets the quality of the same homes we live in, and as your neighbors we will be happy to live next to environmentally conscious people.