Kalaeloa Rental Homes  Makai Neighborhood

91-1689 Franklin D Roosevelt Ave.

Kapolei, Hawaii 96707

Project Details:

Project Type – Photovoltaic & Roofing

Facility Description – Housing Development

Project Size – 850 kw


Annual kwH Savings

Photonworks Engineering LLP designed and installed an 850kW photovoltaic system at the Makai neighborhood located in Kalaeloa, HI. This former Military housing development was converted to private property and 211 of the 400 units were outfitted with a 3.8 kw PV system consisting of 10 380 watt Hanhwa Solar modules & 1 SolarEdge 3000 watt inverter. Each system was installed under 212 individual Customer Grid Supply utility interconnection agreements. The systems were installed under a Power Purchase Agreement with the single owner of the of the 400-unit development. There was also 49kw commercial system was installed at the newly renovated community center/ leasing office. New roofs were installed on all units before PV was installed.


Roof Mounted PV System for New community center & 211 individual townhouse units.

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