Case Studies

Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii

91-884 Fort Weaver Rd. Ewa Beach, HI 96706

85-165 Plantation Rd. Waianae, HI 96792

1704 Waiola St. Honolulu, HI 96826


Project Type:   Photovoltaic

Facility Description:  Public Non Profit

 Project Size: 208.8 kW DC

Annual Savings: $ 133,500

System Description: 3 Photovoltaic systems consisting of 870 Sharp 240 watt Modules, 22 SMA SB 10000TL Inverters.

Photonworks Engineering LLP was hired by Kairos Energy Capital to design and construct PV systems for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hawaii across 3 locations on the island of Oahu. Kairos Energy Capital has entered into a 20 year power purchase agreement with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hawaii.

The discounted energy provides the Clubs with less expensive power than the utility, so that they can use the saved assets on creating and implementing more meaningful programs for the children of Hawaii.


Kwajalein Atoll

Army Corps of Engineers

Project Cost: $ 3,500,000

Project Type:   Photovoltaic

Facility Description:  Military Installation

Project Size: 487 kW DC

 System Description: Roof and ballasted ground mount of 1838 SolarWorld 265 watt modules and 3 Solectria commercial central inverters 2-65kW & 1-500kw.

This project was a design/build ground and roof mount.  Photonworks Engineering designed a custom ballast solution to meet Kwajalein’s harsh marine environment and exposure D wind rating. Photonworks partnered with Nan Inc. to construct the project under (MACC) multiple award contact with the U. S. Military.

This photovoltaic project will help the Department of Defense reach their renewable energy goals by producing 785MWh annually from clean solar power.


Aiea Public Library

99-143 Moanalua Road

Aiea, Hawaii 96701

Project Type:   Photovoltaic

Facility Description:  Public Library

Project Size: 84kW DC

System Description: Roof Mounted PV System consisting of 336 Suniva MVX 250 watt Modules and 1 Advance Energy Industries AE 75kw Inverter

Photonworks Engineering LLP installed an 84 kW DC solar photovoltaic system at the Aiea Public Library during 2013 and 2014. The PV modules are flush mounted to the 4:12 standing seam roof using S-5! mounting clamps, requiring no penetrations of the roof.

Nan Inc. subcontracted Photonworks Engineering on the newly built library that will service the neighborhood of Aiea. The new LEED Gold library was designed by CDS International and is reminiscent of the old sugar mill with simple, tall gabled roofs, exposed structures and mechanical and air-conditioning duct work within the interior space. It includes shelving to accommodate up to 78,000 books as well as 8,000 DVDs and CDs, provides free wireless Internet access with a valid HSPLS library card, 12 public Internet computers, two public access computers (electronic card catalogs), a large program room for library events, community meetings and activities and more parking stalls for library patrons.

The PV system is projected to produce in excess of 133 MWh annually, helping the State of Hawaii attain its goal of 70% renewable energy by the year 2030.


Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam POW/MIA Accounting Command – JPAC

Project Type:   Photovoltaic

Facility Description:  Military Installation

Project Size: 483.84 kW DC

System Description: Roof and Parking Canopy Mounted PV System consisting of 1793 SolarWorld 270 watt modules and 3 Solectria Commercial Central Inverters  1-85kW, 1- 100kW and 1-266kW.
This project was a complete re-design of an inadequate and outdated design initially provided. Photonworks Engineering’s new design increased the originally proposed capacity by 293% in the same allotted space.

This photovoltaic project will help the Department of Defense reach their renewable energy goals by producing 775 MWh annually from clean solar power.


State of Hawaii – DAGS Kalanimoku Bldg

869 Punchbowl St.

Honolulu, HI 96823

Project Type:  Photovoltaic

Facility Description:  Office / Data Center

Project Size: 236.1 kWh DC

Annual Savings: $87,600

System Description: Photovoltaic system consisting of 1005 Sharp Modules (235 Watt), 30 SMA  SB7000-US inverters and a SunkLink fully ballasted, non-penetrating, racking system with a 10 degree pitch.

This photovoltaic project was added to the DAGS capitol complex energy conservation project awarded to Noresco. Noresco subcontracted Photonworks Engineering as a consultant to develop the photovoltaic scope of work for their proposal. Originally there wasn’t any funds budgeted for the photovoltaic scope of work, but The State of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Servers(DAGS) worked together with The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism(DBEDT) and the Governor’s office to secure America Recovery and Reinvestment Act(ARRA) funds to complete this project. Just prior to awarding the project it was determined that the Kalanimoku Bldg was part of a spot network, which would cause a challenge for the project. However, Noresco, HECO, Lincolne Scott and Photonworks Engineering were able to devise a custom solution for interconnection just in time to save the ARRA funds allocation for the State of Hawaii.

The next challenge was dealing with a roofing system with pre-existing conditions. Photonworks Engineering commissioned a thermographic study to document the pre-existing issues and was able to work with the roofing manufacturer to repair the issues prior to installing the photovoltaic system. The system we installed is fully ballasted, non-penetrating, rated to 115mph and it maintains the existing roof warranty for the single ply membrane. The penthouse roof area had a worn out roof system with no warranty, so as part of our installation we added a new 20yr labor and material warranty acrylic roofing system from Hydro Stop. The module area for the system is 17,420 sq ft. The projected average daily stream production is approx. 1 MWh or 365 MWh per year. In the lobby of the Kalanimoku Bldg, Photonworks Engineering installed a kiosk which displays real-time production data from the inverters as well as temperature and wind data which helps determine variances in system performance.


You can find the site previewed on the kiosk at the following url: //


Kailua Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant

95 Kaneohe Bay Drive

Kaneohe, Hawaii 96734


Project Type:   Photovoltaic

Facility Description:  State Government

Project Size: 288.9 kW DC

System Description: Photovoltaic system comprised of 1070 Suniva 270 watt Modules, 13 SMA Inverters (8 x STP-24000, 2 x STP-15000, 1 x STP12000 and 2 x SB11000) and a Sunlink 100% ballasted roof mounting system.

Photonworks Engineering LLP was subcontracted by Noresco to design and install photovoltaic systems on rooftops of the 5 buildings of Kailua Waste Water Treatment Plant for the City and County of Honolulu Department of Environmental Services under a 20 year energy services contract.


Island Pacific Distributors

500 Ala Kawa Street #114

Honolulu, HI 96817


Project Type:   Photovoltaic w/ Battery Backup

Facility Description:  Commercial

Project Size: 87.48 kW DC

Annual Savings:  $38,123.00


System Description:
Photovoltaic system consisting of 324 Suniva Modules (270 Watt), 4 SMA inverters (3 x STP20000TL-US and 1 x STP15000TL-US) inverters, upgrade of 480V transformer wiring and a battery backup system consisting of 3 Sunny Island 6048-US Inverters managing a bank of outback deep cycle AGM batteries.


Gartley Hall Structural  Retrofit and Renovation

University of Hawaii Gartley Hall

2430 Campus Road

Honolulu, HI 96822


Project Type:   Photovoltaic

Facility Description:  Educational Facility

Project Size: 45 kW DC

System Description: Photovoltaic system consisting of 180 Suniva 250 watt Modules and 1 Advanced Energy AE50TX (50 kW) Inverter.

Nan Inc. subcontracted Photonworks Engineering to design and build a complete photovoltaic system for Gartley Hall at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Pensacola Gardens

1524 Pensacola Street,

Honolulu, HI 96822


Project Type:   Photovoltaic

Facility Description:  Residential Condominium Complex

Project Size: 48.6 kW DC

Annual Energy Production: 73,522 kWh

System Description: 2 Photovoltaic systems consisting of 180 Suniva Modules (270 Watt ea); 6 SMA inverters (3 x SB9000-TLUS 3 x SB6000-TLUS).

Photonworks Engineering LLP was hired by Pensacola Gardens AOAO to design and install a photovoltaic system to offset 100% of common area electric bills.  Photonworks Engineering partnered with California-based Sandview Development Corporation to finance two photovoltaic systems at Pensacola Gardens Condominium Complex located in Honolulu. The installation included two buildings.  The Ewa Building (29.16 kW DC) and the Waikiki Building (19.44 kW DC).


Hanalani Schools

94-294 Anania Drive

Mililani, HI 96789


Project Cost: $ 1,754,986

Project Type:   Photovoltaic

Facility Description: Private School

Project Size: 327.12 kW DC

Annual Savings: $ 126,986

System Description:  Photovoltaic systems consisting of 1363 Sharp Q240F2 Modules (240 Watt ea.) across 6 buildings; 37 SMA Inverters (17 SMA SB 10000, 8 SMA SB8000, 7 SMA SB5000 and 5 SMA SB6000).

Photonworks Engineering LLP presented and sold the project directly to Hanalani School’s Board of Directors. The project was financed by Kairos Energy Capital LLC. Photonworks designed, installed and maintains solar equipment under a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement with Hanalani Schools. This PV system provides nearly 100% of the school’s annual electricity needs.